We have designed a number of testing packages to suit your needs

General Check Up Package

Check Up | Small Businesses

Need a basic system check up?

Are you tired with all the software updates and continual version changes cause your website to crash? Need testing completed at a low cost and swiftly?

Then this is the package for you!

Suits businesses with 1 - 9 employees

Full System Check Package

Medium Sized Businesses | Small Companies

Have numerous systems that require testing? Feel like the software patches and updates are growing faster than your business?

This package is for your company!

We analyse your software and diagnose symptoms using proven test techniques.  We determine the right tools for your company.

Suits Businesses: 10 - 50 employees


Specialist Package

Mature Businesses | Corporations

Need specialist attention, how about The A-Team!

Our ATeam will come to you and provide full requirement analysis, test maturity model review and you will have full use of our latest Ai  Testing tools.

If it is either a Business As Usual software (BAU) or a new project we can provide the analysis and testing needed.

Included in this package:

  • full defect report listing all defects and details based on priority and complexity.
  • Requirement coverage and review of system
  • Provide expertise on system testing and review
  • Access to run unlimited number of tests on system.

You want the 'A-Team', you got it!


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