Frequently Asked Questions

Have lots of questions? So did others...

Why don't developers test their own work?

I'm sure they do, but unfortunately there are two factors:

  1. Software version updates have 'knock on' effects to other code.  Therefore periodic testing is important.
  2. Programmers are human, they make mistakes.  They do test their own work, but the same thing happens reviewing your own typed up document, you can't see the typo's or errors yourself.  So its better to have an 'independent' tester  run tests.

What Ai Tools do you use?

We use a variety of the proprietary licensed tools

How long has the company been around?

We are a newly formed company with over 25+ years of automated testing experience, see About Us for more details

How do we track issues?

We have a variety of options, excel, word, email, Slack,  but we have a few web based defect/issue tracking tools we will bring to the party.