Our Goal

Make technology easy and bug free for your business. We take care of the technology allowing you to focus on the business.

Our Story

We are ordinary people, but together we bring something extra!

The team was formed from our individual passion of automated testing and our love of technology.

Meet the Team - The Co-Founders!

Not only do we bring the latest and greatest automated testing technology to you, we also like to have a bit of fun!

'Software is in the mind of our business, but people are at the heart.'

-Co-Founders, Stephen Lee and Satej Mirpagar

Stephen Lee


Entrepreneur and over 15 years Automated Software Testing

Experience in London, Canberra, Beijing and Sydney.

Stephen brings the passion and zest for life to the company.

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Satej Mirpagar


Advanced knowledge of Ai Software Testing Technology

Satej's determination to bring technology and automation to testing is unparalleled.

He has a passion to resolve real world business issues using low cost but highly effective solutions.

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Next Steps...

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Let us bring the next evolution of software testing technology to you!