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Software, including websites, can be likened to the human body. Every now and then there are bugs that cause the body to not work as expected. We believe the same is true for software. We understand that each business is different and so is the software used, therefore the treatment and solutions are different also.


What we provide?

  • Complete software/website analysis
  • Full system check and fit for purpose
  • Check for symptoms and diagnose errors
  • Ensure software is functioning as expected by running tests
  • List issues and provide recommendations and solutions
  • Referrals to technical programmers

How we test software?

As with advances in the medical world, there are also advances in software testing. We use the latest Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to automatically test software. The benefit in using Ai testing technology is it automatically runs tests on applications, thus saving time in manual testing.

Running automated tests regularly on websites or applications ensures software and websites are bug free, therefore minimise disruption to customers.  In the long run this  saves money and most importantly, your company reputation.


We have a combined total of over 30 years experience in the automated software testing space, across various industries and businesses, we aim to give the highest level of testing quality.

The Ateam, the doctors for software

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